Free Software

The number of programs listed here suggests the author has too much free time...

These programs were each created to fulfill a specific, and perhaps unique, need. Nevertheless others may find some use for them. None are considered professional grade, but are adequate to satisfy the need for which they were created. You are welcome to use any of them but I make no claim that any will suit your purpose. After downloading the installation file, double-click it in Windows Explorer to install. If one pleases you, Contact Us.


"VIEWER" is a simple text word processor. I find most of the Microsoft word processors are selective about the extensions of the files they display. Viewer will try to display any file it is presented. It has "Find" and "Replace" functions, and can print the text displayed on the screen. I use it to view or modify files created by "St. Pete Scorer".

Download "Viewer"

"REMINDER" keeps track of family birthdays, holidays, doctor's appointments, meetings of the Ham Club, wedding anniversary and any other event you wish to remember.. It is ideal for a retiree like myself, who has only a few such events each week. It is not suitable for scheduling a full day's work.I view it the first thing in the I can see each day's events early in the morning. It lists the event and date, also the place and time if so desired. It can display regularly repeated events, such as weekly,monthly or yearly meetings as well as non-repeating events. It can display just the next few events or a whole year's worth. The installation program does not install it in the startup list, but you may do that manually using the directions in the Help note. Without this program, I would miss lots of appointments and my wedding anniversary. As it is, I still miss a few.

Download "Reminder"

"FIND EASTER" locates Easter according to the Gregorian calendar for any year. I discovered the algorithm in "Scientific American". I had wanted to show Easter in "Reminder" but did not know how to calculate the date. Now "Reminder" includes the ability to list Easter, Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. "Find Easter" does not include Good Friday and Ash Wednesday, but is better able to identify Easter in past or future years.

Download "Find Easter"

"CALENDAR" displays a small calendar of the present month in the corner of the screen for those times when I suddenly need a calendar. It can display as much as a whole year at a time, and can display any month or year, past or future. It can also print a copy of its display.

Download "Calendar"