Installation Procedure

If you have the trial version of St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer installed on your machine, remove it before installing the permanent version. The permanent version cannot be installed if the trial version is present. Use the Programs and Features (Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10) or Apps and Features (Windows 10) function of the Control Panel.

The installation file is obtained through Reg.NET, a well established, secure and reputable service. The next link will transfer to the Reg.NET website where you may purchase St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer for $30.00 US using credit card or Pay Pal. There you will be able to download a "zip" file which contains the installation file. The installation file is named "SPTASInstaller X_X_X.exe", where the X's stand for the version number. Run this file to install the program.
Find the program in the "Programs" or "All Apps" menu. You may create a desktop icon if you wish.

Good Scoring!