Features of St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer

Scores single races or race series
Computer Regional Settings should be set to English(United States)
No limit on number of boats registered
Accepts more than one boat with the same sail number
Accepts more than one boat with the same name
Doesn't accept a boat that duplicates the sail number and boat name of another boat.
Can score by many various scoring systems, user generated and user selected.
Comes with PHRF Scoring and Portsmouth Scoring systems.
Can handle an essentially unlimited number of Classes.
Individual Classes may use different scoring systems.
Can handle an essentially unlimited number of Divisions to each class
Can assign boats of a class to the proper Division based on rating.
Can create Divisions which are assigned arbitrilily.
Can use different rating types for different racing conditions if specified by the scoring system
Can use different scoring systems for various races of a series.
After registration, enter boats in finish list by double-click or drag-drop. No need to keyboard sail number
Can create special Infractions to suit the local needs.
Penalties for infractions may apply to point score, elapsed time or corrected time as determined by the scoring system.
Enter Times in Military or Civilian time as desired.
Accepts one-day to months-long races.
Transfer registration data from a spreadsheet, if desired.
Creates Check-In Sheet
Creates Entry Lists including user-selectable fields and sorting
Creates Race Reports, including user-selectable fields.
Displays time in Race Reports in Military or Civilian time
Creates Series Reports with automatic tie-breaking and user-selectable fields
Creates HTML (web ready) files of Entry Lists, Race Reports and Series Reports.
Contains detailed Help Notes.
User Friendly

Although "St. Pete Time Allowance Scorer" is designed to quickly create accurate results of handicap races
and series, we cannot guarantee quick or accurate results. All software has errors and perfection is hardly
possible. Although we are unaware of any errors, there may be errors in this program. It is the responsibility of
the scorekeeper to verify the results obtained. Please notify us of any errors or crashes you find.